The company Impakta Metal ensures integral solutions to our customers in addition to qualitative products.

We provide for the heat treatment of forged products, for the final control of products, and intermediate products and testing in the NDT laboratories.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment of the forged products is exercised according to the following procedures on demand of the customer:

  • normalization,
  • annealing,
  • hardening,
  • relaxation,
  • voltage annealing.

Final control

The task of the final control is to ensure the compliance of the product with the requirements of the customer and with the requirements of the international standards (DIN, EN, ASTM, UNI, ÖNORM…).

The types of the final control of products and intermediate products:

  • dimension control
  • control of the surface
  • control of hardness of materials
  • ultrasound examination
  • control of materials to replacement, chemical analysis, and metallography


Modernly equipped mechanic and metallographic laboratories offer us:

  • testing of mechanical characteristics of the materials,
  • examination of macroscopic and microscopic characteristics of the materials,
  • testing corrosion resistance of the materials,
  • hardenability test of the materials,
  • testing of the magnetic characteristics of the materials.

Services of the NDT laboratories

Non-destructive testing has a significant role as a tool of guaranteeing of the quality in the company and is used in order to ensure reliability and safety of the products and their compliance with regards to the demands of the customers.

The NDT laboratory offers:

  • radiographic testing (RT) in radioscopy,
  • ultrasound testing (UT),
  • magnetic testing (MT),
  • penetration testing (PT),
  • liquid vortex testing and measurements of depths of cracks (ET).


BY the NDT laboratory services we can ascertain internal and surface flaws in castings, forgings, wedges or processed components. Additionally, we also offer:

  • testing of the NDT equipment in the accordance with specifications of the standard,
  • personal training for the NDT.

Laboratory testing

  • Officially recognized testing of the length of equipment
  • Testing of the measurement of the length of the equipment according to ISO 9001
  • Testing of the pressure, strength, and hardness of the measuring instruments
  • Service of measuring and testing the equipment
  • Personal training in the field of testing and the control of measuring the equipment
  • The laboratory for testing operates in accordance with EN 45001