A wide selection of the higest quality products by renowned manufacturers of medical
equipment.ih izdelkov priznanih proizvajalcev medicinske opreme, with a focus on the
fields of surgery, orthopaedics and traumatology.


Endoprosthese are artificial bone prostheses that are surgically inserted to replace an
unhealthy or damaged joint.


Primary cemented endoprosthesis

• SP II – modular anatomically adapted prosthesis with a metal or ceramic head and PE or
cementless cup
• LCP Lubinuss Clasic Plus – modular straight prosthesis with a metal head and PE-cup

Primarna cementless endoprosthesis

• SP CL anatomic prosthesis with metal or ceramic head and pressfit Beta Cup
• CFP – modular anatomically adapted prosthesis with femoral neck retaining, ceramic
head and TOP pressfit cup
• Ribbed – modular anatomically adapted prosthesis with ceramic head and pressfit cup

Revision endoprosthesis
• MP modular reconstructive prosthesis with adaptable neck and various combinations of
heads and cups


Primary endoprosthesis
• SLED – partial knee prosthesis – for lateral or medullar condyle
• GEMINI II – primary total knee prosthesis with stem extensions, not cruciate-retaining

Revision endoprosthesis
• ENDO MODEL – rotating knee endoprosthesis with stabilized joint for serious knee
instability for revisions with significant bone deformities


• S. T. A. R. – the tarsal joint prosthesis with the longest tradition in the world

• all types of endoprostheses, intended for large bone resections

Bone Cement

PALACOS® Bone Cement

Bone cement is a synthetic, resin-based plastic that is chemically similar to plexiglass. It is
used to bond and attach implants onto bone and for filling gaps with the aim of better
absorption and transfer of motion force.

Palacos® is a high-viscosity, radiopaque, easy to use bone cement. Palacos® ranks
among the safest bone cements based on 40 years of experience and a clinically proven
lowest risk of revision. Palacos® is made from the highest quality materials and constant
treatment qualities, and is primarily intended for anchoring hip and knee prostheses.

It is available in different packages and with different antibiotics:

Regular – no active ingredients – PALACOS® R
Enriched with the gentamicin antibiotic – PALACOS® R + G
Both types come in various packaging options.
COPAL® revision bone cement with two antibiotics: G + V (gentamycin and vancomycin) and G + C (gentamycin and
OSTEOPAL bone cement for vertebroplasty

Palacos® is also available as a medium- and low- viscosity cement to be used for
anchoring other types of prostheses that demand a different viscosity and different setting

Vacuum mixing bone cement


The Palamix® system for vacuum mixing of bone cement allows for a simple, quick, quality
and safe mixing of bone cement in a sealed system under vacuum. It consists of a vacuum
pump, a cement application gun and a mixing set.

The system allows for maximum vacuum conditions while mixing, ensuring a
homogeneously mixed cement free from macro and micro air bubbles. It also ensures the
maximum degree of filtration of gases created in the polymerization process of the bone

Pulse lavage system of bone canals

• Pulse lavage is a system for pulse rinsing of bone canals, open wounds, surgery surfaces,
• It allows for simple and fast removal of foreign bodies and impurities.
• Cleans with air and sterile water (Ringer).

External fixators

• PROCALUS – modular system for stabilization of bone segments in a broad range of
indications, including fractures, joint fusion, joint distraction a angular corrections.
• D. A. F. – pediatric fixator
• HYBRID – micromotion fixator
• PELVIC – pelvis fracture fixator
• ELBOW – hand/elbow fracture fixator

• PENNING – wrist fixator
• MINI PENING – fixator for fingers of the hand

• L. R. S. – rail system for the lengthening, reconstruction and transport of bones
• MINI RAIL – for fingers of the hand/foot

Osteosynthetic material

• Screws – cortical, spongious, malleolar
• Plates – May, Giebl, Wolters
• »Schantz« screws

Surgical instruments

  • Basic surgical instruments for all types of surgery
  • Special instruments for hand, bone and spine surgery
    • Kerrison bone forceps
  • Instruments for minimally invasive surgeryInstruments for plastic surgery
    • blepharoplasty
    • rhinoplasty
    • face lifting
    • abdominoplasty


• Komplet za medoperativno blokado krvnega obtoka na nogi oziroma roki
• Uporablja se za zmanjševanje krvavenja pri operacijah na okončinah
• Pogon je lahko na elektriko ali centralni zrak v OP
• Različne manšete zagotavljajo optimalno blokado, glede na velikost noge/roke
• Dolgoletna tradicija visoke kakovosti

Finger braces

  • External plastic braces for the protection of damaged fingers of the hand
  • Different sizes of finger braces according to Stack


• PAL – electricity or compressed-air liposuction machine, functioning on the principle of a
pneumatic blade issuing short back-and-forth cuts
• No additional waste heat

Power tools

• Saws (oscillating and reciprocating), powered by air, electricity or batteries
• For larger operations, medium/small and micro
• Drills complete with accessories, powered by air, electricity or batteries